Friday, March 26, 2010

Am I crazy?

So I've decided to participate in a sprint triathlon. I'm just bored with the normal workouts and jogging and stuff. I already take spinning classes and jog outside a couple days a week. I just have to add in the dreaded swimming. I mean I HATE swimming. Not only do I NOT want to put on one of those ugly speedos, swim cap and goggles, but swimming has always been SO difficult for me! So I figure it's time to get over it. The big day is July 31, 2010 at 7:00AM at Herb Parsons like outside of Memphis. I'm so excited!! I hope to find the time to actually blog about the experience, but my new job is keeping me pretty busy and worn out. I LOVE IT! I'm a nurse in the cardiovascular/neuro ICU at a local hospital. I have SO much to learn. But the busy schedule is helping me eat better, and forcing me to schedule in my workouts. My weight loss isn't near as quick as the week I detoxed, but it's much more doable. Easier to stick to long term. I'll just keep plugging away!

Oh, and any advice on tri gear would be awesome! I'm totally clueless.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great week!

Well, I lost 7 pounds this week!! Not a bad start to achieving my goal. Plan on continuing to eat unprocessed foods because it's obviously working! I will probably weigh in again next Thursday before we leave for Maui. So we'll see if I can keep the pace!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still going...

Well, I haven't fallen off the wagon yet! Still eating only whole, unprocessed foods. Still pretty hungry at night. But as long as I eat regularly I have plenty of energy for my workouts and feel pretty good! Today I'm supposed to start the juice fast portion today, but I'm on such a roll with the working out and running I don't want to mess that up. During the juice fast I won't be able to workout like I want to. So for now I'm just sticking to the clean foods portion of the detox. And let me tell you the weight is FLYING off!! I swear I got on the scale yesterday and I was down 8.5 pounds in just 2 days!! I'm sure that's mostly water, but whatever!! I'll take it!! And it just goes to show how much our bodies don't WANT to be FAT. The second I gave my body healthy, nutrient rich foods, it responds by giving me what I want, weight loss! I'm not going to document that 8 lb loss yet. Who know what will happen once my body stabilizes. I'll wait and weigh in on Saturday.

The running is going great! Ran 3 miles yesterday. I know that doesn't seem far at all, but just last week I was only running half that far. Today I'll give my knees a break and stick to the elliptical and some weights. Speaking of...better get going!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Detox day 1

So yesterday was day 1 of detox week. Basically no dairy, sugar, simple carbs, or fried foods. Oh and the most difficult of all, no coffee, which meant no morning cappuccino! So breakfast yesterday was plain oatmeal, organic nitrate and nitrite free turkey bacon,  and green tea. And that's the last time I have that for breakfast! The oatmeal was so disgusting I couldn't finish it. And green tea tastes like drinking hot grass juice! A trip to the grocery store was DEFINITELY in order. My uncle suggested jasmine scented green tea but I found Constant Comment instead. It's a green tea with orange and sweet spice. Dare I say delicious?! At least compared to the plain ole stuff. But plain oatmeal I just cannot do. Then my mom told me I shouldn't be eating oats on a detox anyway! Well, crap.

So after breakfast I proceeded to do my 2.2 mile jog. A little tough with the wind but I made it through. Afterwards I was STARVING!! But I wanted to go to the gym to do weights. So for a quick snack I loaded a fresh pear up with almond butter. OMG DO I LOVE ALMOND BUTTER!! So much better than peanut butter, and better for you!
 Kettle Foods Roaster Fresh® Crunchy Almond Butter -- 12 Pack / 11 ... 
And let me tell you, that was the PERFECT pre-workout snack. I literally ate it on the way to the gym and was lifting weights within 15 minutes of eating it. I'm one of those who hates to eat before working out because I just know I'm gonna see it again! But it gave me a great boost of energy and I felt fantastic! No tummy ache or anything. 

Lunch consisted of organic black beans over brown rice. Delicious, but I was missing the cheese and sour cream just a little. I then met my mom at a Women's Bible Study that lasted a couple of hours and boy was I starving!! At times I could only think about what I would cook for dinner when I got home! When I finally did get home I sauteed a chicken breast with onion, garlic, and fresh oregano. Then I added a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and put the lid on the pan to let it steam a little before I ate it. I also made some brown rice pasta. I've tried rice pastas before and they all just turned out kind of gummy and odd. But this pasta was fantastic!!! I mean I didn't miss real pasta at all!!!!  Got it at Whole Foods if anybody wants to try. But you may be asking, what's so bad about whole grain pasta or regular pasta!? Well, on this detox I cannot have any wheat because of the gluten. I gotta get the detox book out if you want to know anymore, lol!

So that was day 1. Not too bad until I tried to go to bed. I was absolutely starving!!! I mean I couldn't sleep I was so hungry! And the headache. Man did I have a headache. And the last thing I wanted to do was take something and slow down the detox. I finally managed to fall asleep and slept like a rock. Today I'm pretty sluggish, but hoping an extra cup of green tea will get me going! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Half-marathon training week 1 complete

Well, week 1 of half-marathon training is complete. Feeling pretty good! I definitely have a long way to go. My goal for January is to work up to running a 5K with ease. With that being the case I've been following this plan:

I started with week 2 on the plan and added some weight training. And my last run this week was 2 miles,  not 1.75.

Tomorrow I begin my week long detox. The first 3 days consist of eating clean foods in preparation for the  4 day juice fast. I'm definitely going to have to give up my morning cappuccino for a week. Gonna have to switch to green tea. Ick! And then no caffeine at all during the 4 day juice fast. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 8, 2010

At least I started training for the half marathon...

although I haven't really started the whole detox thing. I have been trying to eat better, though. Last night two friends and I decided to see who could drop 10 pounds the fastest. Losers treat winner to a mani pedi. We begin Monday, so I figure I'll save the detox for next week and hopefully win the contest! I found a really sensible week long detox plan in the February issue of Body + Soul. The first 3 days I will focus on eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish , and chicken. I must avoid dairy, sugar, fried and processed foods. The 4 days after that will mainly be a juice fast. Breakfast and dinner will be juices, but lunch will be vegetables and a lean, clean protein.

My half marathon training will have to consist of leisurely walking and stretching for the 4 juice fast days. So I'll have to train pretty hard the first part of next week. So far I'm right on track with the training. Been throwing in some weights too. Feel pretty good so far!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm so tired...

of feeling tired and fat and gross and hiding behind other people of big fat snowmen in pictures...I'll stop there. That's depressing enough. They say the 30's are the new 20's. If that's the case then I want to look like I'm in my 20's! Or better even! I know how to make it happen. Eat right and exercise. Blah, blah, blah. Every body jumps on the wagon at the beginning of a new year. But why not make it interesting? I figure a challenge might help keep me on track or help me to stick with a new workout and diet regime.

My first challenge will be to complete a detox program. The first 2 weeks will consist of eating only certain foods. Basically I'll be cutting out everything except fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean organic protein. The toughest part will be not enjoying a drink with friends, I'm sure. Oh, and I'm not ready to cut out coffee yet. It says to switch to green tea but that stuff makes me nauseous. I figure God made coffee beans so how bad can they be? And I'll limit it to 1 cup per day.

In addition to doing the detox diet, I will begin training for the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville in April. Anybody want to join me?